Saturday, August 1, 2009


New teacher in-service starts on Monday, August 3. I am looking forward to meeting all the new teachers. Hopefully I will get a computer so I can update the blog more often.

On Friday morning, I went out and took some pictures of the 1:00 am Sun over the Arctic ocean. It was a beautiful site. The water was reflecting the Sun, was a colorful sight, and was as calm as a feather in a windless room.

At about 11:00 am the same day, the water was full of icebergs. I would show pictures but I do not have any way to put them on. But I will get that equipment when I go back home at the end of the month.

The weather is extreme in Barrow. Today, Saturday, the icebergs have moved farther out.

I will keep posting.


  1. Hey babe - thinking of you on this anniversary day. I'm not sure you need pictures; you paint such a beautiful vision with your words.

    Those icebergs are making me think of Titanic though. Then I think of that stupid picture of Molly & Monica on our boat (check my facebook album).

    We miss you & hope all is well! XOXO, Meigs, Jilly & Natty (KC is fishing but I'm sure he says hi)

  2. Hi Tony,
    Molly and Mom here...missing you on this breezy summer day in SE MN. The teacher in me is so excited for you, Tony, as you begin in-service days tomorrow. I remember my first "teacher meeting" in 1977 when Father Nelson reminded us that as educators, we were to "draw out" of our students the amazing knowledge, curiosity, wonder and potential they held within them. Go to it, kiddo! Love, Mama Bear